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Monica Boyes, Women's Soccer

Monica Boyes, Women's Soccer

If you meet Monica Boyes for the first time, there's a good chance that she won't say much of anything intially. The Cooper High School graduate from Abilene, TX appears to be shy, until she steps over the lines before a match. The somewhat reserved Boyes is as a competitive as anybody and isn't afraid to be physical in her normal defensive back role. She is most comfortable in her defensive role, but Coach Brian Byrd has had her play as a striker, center mid, and on the wings this season. 

If you would have asked Monica if she wanted to play soccer in a college a year ago, she probably wouldn't have given you an answer. She decided late in the spring that she wanted to find a place to play and attended one of Coach Byrd's showcases in Mena. The shyness was obvious. Monica's parents, Dusty and Maria, came out and visited with Coach Byrd, while Monica stayed in the vehicle until she had to get out last minute. Once she was on the pitch, the shyness went away, and it was obvious that Monica was a player. "We were doing a shooting drill and playing nine-ball. Monica was by far the best soccer player in there, and I knew I had to have her for our inaugural team at UA Rich Mountain," stated Coach Byrd. He continued to say, "Monica is continuing to get better and has stepped out of her comfort zone at time in different roles. She will continue to get better and stronger this off season. We are looking for big things from her." 

Major - Associate of General Studies (Registered Nursing)

Career Goal - I want to become a military nurse. 

Athletic Goals - I want to continue to build my confidence and communicate better on the field. My goal for this season is to help the team anyway I can, and of course, I want to score. (Monica did just that on Sunday, October 13th. She not only scored but had an assist in the Bucks 3-0 win.) I do want to continue my education and soccer at the 4-year level. 

Favorite Thing About Bucks Soccer - We are so close and do everything together. 

Favorite Thing About UA Rich Mountain - The instructors are very involved and always willing to to help.